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Learn Spanish – new version

Tweeba Mobile Application launched the latest update of its Android app to learn Spanish! A new version includes a number of new features, makes learning a new language much more convenient and easier for all users! Learn Spanish can already be downloaded from Google Play (Android).

– Our app allows English speakers to learn Spanish. New, refreshed version offers an improved design interface what makes it easy to use, and as a result, a whole process of studying became more effective. – said Grzegorz Pękała from www.tweeba.pl.

In spite of visual changes, new version of “Learn Spanish” has some unique functions:

  • Spanish dictionary and cribs with the most important topics
  • vocabulary and phrases in Spanish (flashcards)
  • Spanish grammar and verb inflection
  • tests
  • top 100 of the most commonly used nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • statistics of known words and the option to return to the place of drop

What is more, we can find new Spanish lessons, which in simple and enjoyable way, can help you make efficient, steady progress towards achieving fluency! A very useful feature is reading of phrases and words by the teacher. It should also be noted that “ Learn Spanish” works both online and offline, allowing you to learn anywhere, even abroad without bearing the cost of data roaming.

It is worth to mention that at the beginning of this year, start-up Tweeba.pl celebrated its first million downloads! Language Pack “Ucz się języka…” (Polish version) is now one of the most popular sets of mobile applications for Android (Google Play). In 2015, Tweeba focuses on international development and versions of applications available for users worldwide. Refreshing the app “Learn Spanish” is one of the steps towards achieving this goal.

We highly recommend using a new version of “Learn Spanish” and sharing with any comments – authors are available through the web www.edumobi.org

Any new language titbits and information about actualizations are available on our Facebook account – www.facebook.com/EduMOBIorg

Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.tweeba.mobile.learning.engesp

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